Baja Club Membership

Would you like to :                           

          Enjoy a beautiful tan all year long?
          Have a low cost and easy way to tan?
          Be a part of a convenient and simple tanning program? 
          Control when & how you tan? 
          Not have to worry about the hassle of a contract?

If so, our Baja Club offers you the following benefits: 

          •Lowest possible tanning costs
          •Unlimited tanning in any one-point tanning bed 
          •Convenient, automatic monthly payment plan
          •Freedom to tan as often as you like** 
          •No need to keep track of individual tanning sessions 
          •Quick and easy check-in
          •20% OFF all tanning lotions 
          •HUGE upgrade discounts
               ◦50% OFF Level 3 upgrades 
               ◦50% OFF a single session of the Ultrabronz High Pressure Tanning Bed
               ◦20% OFF a single Mystic Tan session 

            **per FDA guidelines

How does the Baja Club work?
As a member of our Baja Club, you are given UNLIMITED access to tanning.  In other words, you are given  the flexibility to tan as often as you want (within FDA guidelines) in any 1 point lay-down unit  without the hassle of paying for each session.  Our Baja Club Membership has no expiration date and gives you the capability of tanning at the lowest possible cost.

What does the Baja Club cost?
The Baja Club is a monthly membership with monthly dues of $29.95 (plus tax)  when automatically drafted from your checking or savings account.   Dues are drafted on the 25th of each month or the first business day following the 25th if it falls on a weekend for the next month's dues. When signing up for the Baja Club, you will pay a one-time membership fee of $59.95 along with your first month's dues.

How can I cancel my Baja Club Membership?
Cancellation of you Baja Club Membership can be completed at any time by simply filling out a cancellation request form at your local Baja Tanning location or send us an email. This must be done prior to the first of the month in which you would like your membership to end; otherwise, one final debit will be made on the 25th as scheduled.
     Example:  To cancel your membership at the end of May, your cancellation notice must be received
                       no later then April 30th.  

If I cancel my Baja Club Membership, how much will it cost to rejoin?
To reactivate your membership, you only need to pay a $20 reactivation/administration fee.  This can be done for up to three years from the time you canceled your membership.

*Any account with a NSF (Non-Sufficient-Funds) is subject to a $30 fee.  This fee plus any outstanding dues must be paid before membership continues. 

*All prices, fees & terms subject to change without notice.